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Knock Off/Imitation of Lego Castle Theme

I have 4 sets of knock off figures to review in this single post. 2 sets by Sheng Yuan and another 2 sets by Lele. I keep the first wave of Sheng Yuan (set number SY175) and first wave of LELE (set number 70400) for months before i decided to open them yesterday. It is just because I don't have any interest on castle theme set/minifigures at all. In addition, I don't have original castle minifigures to compare with.

1st wave of Sheng Yuan Castle Minifigures Set - SY175

the catalog is outdated now 

Now i present to you, the minifigures with accessories:

Do you recognised them? Yeah, they are from the Collectible Minifigures Series (CMF)! (except for the archer (top, 2nd from left) and King minifigure (bottom, 2nd from left). Those are from normal lego set). No wonder they look really good.

Top, from left: Gladiator (series 5), Archer, Viking (series 4), Heroic Knight (series 10)
Bottom, from left: Evil Knight (series 7), King, Evil Dwarf (series 5), Roman Commander (series 10)

My favourite part: comparison with the original figure. Original Lego on right, SY on left. You may find differences in their accessories and colour on the lego parts. 

Look at side printing on Lego's arm and leg.

Lego's original beard look nicer - belt bucker on the torso can be seen at the center

I wonder if SY purposely don't imitate Spartan Warrior from Series 2. This fella cost about USD14 (not inclusive shipping) and i believe it is the most expensive warrior minifigure because it's a great representation of warrior in the movie 300.

source: bricklink
source: google

2nd wave of Sheng Yuan Castle Minifigures Set - SY165

Don't come with any catalog or game/trading card

Each guy comes with extra weapon but i choose the best for this photo:

Do they look the same with these guys?
source: google

1st wave of LELE Castle Minifigures Set - 70400

The princess come with one side sad face and flowers/butterfly as accessories?

Fair distribution. 4 guys (inclusive a princess) from the blue team and 4 guys from the red team (i assume the bad side are those with dragon logo on their shield and body armor).

Luckily i'm into magicians/wizard (after my first wizard from series 12) so i determine to collect variety of wizard from Lego. Here's the comparison with one of the wizard that i have. Right, original Lego.

2nd wave of LELE Castle Minifigures Set - 78038

The horse is ready-made assembled like this: just need to attach armour to the body.

come with nice stand

Unlike horse in SY set, you need to assemble the horse yourself.

Some minifigures come with awesome printed bricks. You can display the armor like this:

This is how they look like with fully equipped accessories:

Excluding the first SY set (that contain mostly CMF figures), the 2nd wave SY and 1st & 2nd LELE castle sets will give you these:

The blue team comes from the same side (lion clan), but the red team is from 2 sides; one with dragon logo and the other one with hawk/eagle logo. 11 guys from lion clan, 4 from dragon clan and another 6 from hawk/eagle clan.


  1. These are very nice! I have a couple of them I found at the flea market.

  2. Yeah, very cost effective if you wanna create diorama that use battalions of army =). Clone or original, they look the same from far =p

  3. How is the plastic quality of the LELE figures compared to Decool and SY?

    1. Hi there. I think they are on par with Decool and SY. If Lele, im confident to say the plastic quality is not a problem. The lego parts fit perfectly in its place =)

    2. In my experience, SY are tights; while LELE are kinda loose
      best quality and printing I choose SY, for two-sided faces I choose DeCool

    3. hi @beegees. You are absolutely right. =). That's what we can expect from those brand.. and so far they're consistent. Looks like you too have extensive collection of these imitation figure =).

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I'm a LEGO collector myself, started recently. I once bought a LELE knights minifigures, because of lack of quality, I stopped. Yet recently I've been collecting madly... Why? Needless to say, you know the rest ;p

      I think the SY brand minifigures is among the best for the bootleg LEGO products. It comes with a set of 8 minifigures and I'm fascinated by it! Especially for the Medieval Castle Knights =D

  4. I often wanted to buy Sheng Yuan Castle minifigures. But I didn't do. They look cool !

    1. Hehe. I choose not to buy any castle minifigure because i'm afraid i cannot control my spending. For soldier, one minifigure is not enough. So that means you will keep buying more and more figure to create batallion of army for your clan. Ahhaha

  5. I love your blog as well your blocks lel

    1. Hey thanks for those nice words =) Really appreciate it =)

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    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I pretty sure there is another blue lion one. Come with a longbow dude and a crossbow dude. The rest are the same.

    1. One soldier with crossbow is included in LELE 78025, a set that focuses on "LELE Movie". The minifig seems to have red or reddish brown beard, thus mimicking the one of the two minifigs in official Lego 70806 (which was part of the Lego Movie sets).

      There is another producer called LOJO though with (among others) what I call "Crowned Lion" knights dressed in blue and white, the set is LOJO AX9801 (at least that's the name on some Chinese site). The printing on some of the minifigs included is certainly poorer than those seen on Lele and/or SY (I can only judge from screenshots though), especially prominent for the faces but also for the armour printing on the front. On some it actually looks rather promising, but it might also be a combination of minifigs from Lele and/or Shen Yuan combined with older ones from LOjo. Who knows ;)

  7. Dear everyone,

    I would be interested in some of the Castle Bootleg minifigs that you have reviewed. My first question, how do you judge the quality of the SY 165 relative to the Lele 70402 (so the two sets with blue lion knights)?

    My second question, is anyone aware of patricular sites where one can still get hold of those sets? I would be interested in Lele 70402 (full set, thus including the horses with the shiny armour) and SY165 (for SY166 and Lele 70400 I have already seen some sellers). Any shop that is and/or is from China or Taiwan would do it. Thank you! I'm really happy for any comment.

    By the way, some of those SY sets seem to have been redone or re-released as "Bertoyindo", see




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